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Merchandise Licence

What is a merchandise licence?

The Eco Wrap merchandise license is a contractual agreement that allows one party (individual or one company) to use our trademarks, intellectual property and/or copyrighted material for commercial purposes.

The ease of selling items on the internet has seen a steep increase in drop shipping and arbitrage of retail products like ours. With our merchandise licence we create a contractual agreement that allows such activity with the use of our trademarks and/or marketing imagery (IP). Without such an agreement in place the use of our logos/trademarks or intellectual property without permission would be unlawful.

The Eco Wrap merchandise licence:

At Eco Wrap we have made the process easy and straight forward to apply and pay for this licence. Via the link below you can pay the annual licence fee of £7950 + VAT (£9540) prior to completing the application form.

Your application will be reviewed and must be approved prior to the use of any of our trademarks and/or intellectual property. If your application is unsuccessful the payment will be refunded.

Please note: Use of our trademarks or any intellectual property protected imagery (ie any images created by Eco Wrap for marketing purposes) without prior application or payment for the licence will result in the annual fee of £7950 + VAT being due regardless of acceptance or not.

Start your application:

If you would like to apply for a licence with us, please click here to complete the online payment and licence proposal form.